Respect Your Wives – Apostle Tetebremu Admonishes Men

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Many marriages fail due to the lack of respect for women by their husbands under the guise of the fact that women are to be submissive to their husbands. However, Apostle Tetebremu Kennedy Afreh Poku, has admonished men to be respectful to their wives.

On eTV Ghana’s  ‘In Bed with Adwen’ with Adwen the Love Doctor, the Apostle distinguished between respect and submission. According to him, respect and submission are two different things. Although a woman is to submit to her husband, mutual respect is a must.

“When it comes to marriage, the man must respect the woman and the woman must also respect the man. The fact that your wife is submissive does not mean you shouldn’t give her the due respect.

Her submissiveness doesn’t mean that as soon as you get home from a long day’s work with your smelly armpit, you can make love to her. That is disrespectful. Some men, even after visiting the washroom, do not wash down and they expect oral sex from their wives,” he explained.

Apostle Poku also entreated men to not take advantage of  the submissiveness of their wives when it comes to sex, but respect them by at least maintaining personal hygiene and being at their neatest before requesting for sex.

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