“Rest When Need Be, My Boss Got Replaced Just 24hrs After His Death”, Lady Admonishes

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A Ghanaian lady known as Barrister Ama on Twitter has asserted that it is important to have a rest from work when it is absolutely necessary.

A lot of people overwork themselves to the extent it is seen all over them that they need some rest, but the work is so important to them they wouldn’t just take a few minutes’ rest.

Barrister Ama thinks this is not appropriate as it is important to rest when need be.

Some bosses at work too, it must be noted, wouldn’t allow for such to happen as they’ll label you a lazy person and threaten you with the dreaded “sack” every step of the way.

Ama believes one cannot just do it all.

She added that her boss got replaced just some 24hrs after their death and so it’s just not proper for a person to overwork themselves so much and denying themselves of rest that they so much need.

“Wow my boss died less than 24hours and he’s been replaced. Let us rest when need be,we cannot do it all,Don’t over work yourselves. Nyame ne Hene,” Ama wrote on Twittter.


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