Rev Obofour has been sleeping with his half sister – Estranged friend of Rev Obofour speaks

Reverend Obofour has been outed by The Word Changer for having an affair with his own half-sister for the last five years.

He made these assertions and provided photographs of Nyarko, who he claimed to be Obofour’s half-sister. He says that he has been having sexual relations with his attractive half-sister for a considerable amount of time.

The fact that Nyarko is Rev. Obofour’s father’s daughter is the basis for Manasseh’s assertion that she is his biological sister.

Ciara, the wife of Obofour, is aware that her husband has a strong relationship with Nyarko since she considers her to be her sister-in-law.

Manasseh The Word Changer also reported the many abortions that Nyarko had performed for Obofour.

He says that the girl is sick of waiting and is ready to be married, but Obofour won’t let her go.




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