REVEALED! Here Are 5 Secrets Why Shatta Wale’s Fans Are Very Loyal To Him

shatta wale at after the storm album launch
shatta wale at after the storm album launch

It would really amaze you why Shatta Wale’s fans are soo loyal to him and the kind of love they show towards him is just unconditional. They would never spare you or let you go free when you say anything bad or pass a silly comment about their king.
Some will even go extra mile to threaten your life. Woe unto you if they know where you reside lol. Probably that day,you should get about 50 soldiers to protect you from them. You might get the beating of your life you have never dreamt of,haha.
It is evident that Shatta Wale has the biggest fan base in the country currently and no one can challenge that fact. He is actually an inspiration to most of the youth in the country and his songs are exactly the ones that give them the morale they need to carry out their day to day hustle.

No wonder he has been able to set a record of pulling the largest crowd ever at an album launch which no musician in the country has been able to do. Maybe someone could pull a bigger one soon or maybe, Shatta would love to break his own record in his next album launch?

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You might probably be wandering why no other artiste in Ghana has such enthusiastic and defensive fans but hey,i have thoroughly delved into it and  have answers for you.I had to do my own survey,getting results from quite a large number of his fans on social media and those I came across in person.

Shatta is one person who is tagged arrogant and disrespectful,but his fans see him to be far from those attributes. The love they have for him keep rising each and every time. The reasons for being that loyal to him are;
#1. The ghetto youths hate sabotage.they do not understand why most industry players have their favorite artistes and always get bias when it comes to their artiste,so these fans also want to show that they also have their favorite who is bigger than any other act in Ghana. In a survey i conducted,most of his fans told me that most people hate Shatta and even as he is hated,he still wins so why would they follow someone who is loved but always loses? Take it or leave it,they make up the largest.

shatta and mona

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