Revealed: Kalybos Gobbled Some DOG Meat In China & His Reaction After Finding Out Is HILARIOUS

There’s been so many events that happened during the period Richard Asante, popularly known as Kalybos, the only boss with one “S”” 11 day stay in China to shoot his first ever movie, “Kalybos In China”

Kalybos was in China  with his producer who also doubles as his manager, Kofi Asamoah of Kofas Media for 11 days shooting various scenes for the movie. 

The movie “Kalybos in China” was shot in cities in China like Guangzhou and Shanghai. Some scenes in the movie were also shot in Dubai and Ghana.

A source close to Kalybos who was also there in China disclosed to that, Kalybos ate some DOG meat while in China.

We were surprised that Kalybos eats dog meat and we never knew about it, but the source disclosed to us that, Kalybos didn’t know he was actually eating dog meat until after he had finished eating, then he was told the meat he was enjoying so much was dog meat.

So we asked, what his reaction was, when he was told that and your guess is as good as ours. His face wore the mask of shock and regret, because he had never eaten dog meat before and never thought he would end up eating  one.

kalybos eating dog meat
Kalybos & Kofi Asamoah taking the next delicious bite of more dog meat.

But the source also told us that, after some seconds, that he had been told he had eaten dog meat, he first words were “ooo but Kramai nam su y3 d3 saa” and everyone started laughing.

 “Dog meat tastes like goat meat and until you are told, you will never know you are eating one. It’s very very delicious” a dog meat lover tells us.

Make sure to Like The Official Page For The Movie Below

The trailer for the movie will be out over the weekend, has learned. Tickets are already selling at a cool 30ghc. To buy a ticket, you contact any of the retailers below:

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