Revealed: Missing lecturer wife was allegedly killed by the man himself, other marital cracks revealed [Video]

According to reports, the KNUST lecturer whose wife got missing a month ago allegedly killed her and some marital cracks in their marriage have also been revealed.

The missing woman’s flyers were flying across social media where many frantically searching for her whereabouts.

However, it has emerged that the Ghana Police Service were able to trace a call that came to the husband’s phone asking for a ransom of GH¢1M before the lady would be released to the man.

The IGP together with the police reportedly contacted the telecommunication service provider to trace the location the call came from. And it was found out that the call from Gyinase, the exact location of the husband of the woman who had gone missing.

Since the man knew what he had been up to, he reportedly sprayed the entire house with chemicals to hide all traces of the wife who he had killed as a result of marital fracas they were not able to sort out.

According to the report, the marriage was on the brink of collapse due to the bad blood better the couple which reportedly led to the man hitting the woman dead. He then came out to cry wolf about the whereabouts of his missing wife while all along he had allegedly killed her and concealed her lifeless body.

According to initial reports, the missing lady, Rhoda, had been missing since Monday, August 30, 2021, after notifying her husband on that fateful day that she was heading to Sunyani on official business.

She worked for the Kumasi Lands Commission and went on a field inspection at the alleged Sunyani, which she warned her husband about, but she was not accompanied by any other officer and has not returned home since.

The incident was reported to the police and the Lands Commission’s headquarters to facilitate her location.

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