Revealed: ‘Most female celebs eat ‘tiefi’ of rich men in Dubai for money to fund their lavish lifestyle’- Instagram influencer (Watch)

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An Instagram user has revealed that most female celebs in Ghana and Nigeria troop to Dubai to eat ‘tiefi’ (we hope you know what that means) of rich men in exchange for money to fund their lavish lifestyle.

The unwholesome practice is famously referred to as Porta Potty. According to the website, Tag The Sponsor Instagram models who, for frivolous short-term material gain, willingly engage in the practice for money.

These “models” get their designer clothes, exuberant shopping sprees, flashy cars and money in the bank at the end of the barter trade.

They get to put “London/Dubai” in their Instagram profile and have their pictures taken in stunning locales.

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All they have to do is get defecated on by groups of Arab men.

For thousands of dollars, these women are flown out to the Gulf, party, shop and then get fucked in the most humiliating fashion by their sponsors – wealthy groups of Arab Princes, Royalty and businessmen.

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These acts may include coprophilia, urolagnia, bestiality and pedophilia. No reports of necrophilia yet, but with the passage of time, that will come.

It’s against this background that this lady has asked netizens to desist from tapping into the blessings of these celebs who flaunt their flashy lifestyle online because they engage in all sorts of weird things s.exually to get the stuff they show off.

Watch the video below;


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