Revealed: New Seksual Fantasy Hits Town As Men Now Licks The Trumu Of Women During Intercourse

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A new sexual fantasy has seized contemporary youth as men now take delight in licking the trumu of women during seks. Per our findings, this new fetish is so enjoyable that practitioners are so obsessed with it and can’t let go of, even though it looks disgusting from afar.

In a leaked message found on social media shared by one guy who is an expert in this trumu business, a lady who felt disgusted at the practice rained curses on him for this unwholesome practice when the issue came up in Facebook page called Boredom.

Eventually, one thing led to the other and the lady called the guy on the phone and told him he wanted to experiment it so she took to a guest house where they had intercourse strictly based on licking of the asshole. Can you imagine that?

See the screenshot below:

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