BullDog Allegedly Slept With A Girlfriend Of Shatta Wale’s Friend In Germany Plus How The Nekkid Pictures Leaked

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News broke yesterday that Shatta Wale had n*de pictures of Bulldog’s wife on his phone and laptop.

Shatta Wale seemed not to be happy with this allegation so he took to Pluzz Fm to give his side of the story. Talking to Sammy Flex,Shatta said Bulldog had a misunderstanding with one of their friends who called for the intervention of the German police.The misunderstanding evolved when his friend caught Bulldog in his girlfriend’s apartment of which he believed Bulldog had se*ual intercourse with the lady .He also accused Bulldog of stealing his clothes and Shatta’s laptop.

In the act of defending Bulldog from the allegation of stealing his laptop,Shatta Wale convinced the German police that the laptop was his but he gave it to Bulldog to keep for a while but he neeeded it back. The police then ordered Bulldog to report to their station with the laptop the next day.

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Shatta further said he left Germany for America the following day so the German police had to give the laptop to his friends to be given to him. They then went through the laptop and saw n*de pictures of Bulldog’s wife.Upon seeing the pictures,they sent it to Shatta Wale but Shatta pleaded with them not to leak it because he has great respect for BullDog’s wife, whom he calls as Mommy.

The ‘Kakai’ hitmaker pleaded not guilty to all allegations leveled against him by wife of Bulldog that he leaked her n*de pictures. He blamed Bulldog for the cause of the leakage.

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