Rey Mysterio children: Meet Dominik and Aalyah 

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Rey Mysterio is an American professional wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the SmackDown brand.

Rey Mysterio age

He was born on December 11, 1974. This means he is 48 years old.

Rey Mysterio bio and career

Óscar Gutiérrez was born on December 11, 1974 in Chula Vista, California. He is presently performing for WWE on the SmackDown brand. He is credited with popularizing cruiserweight wrestling and is one of the most well-known lucha libre wrestlers in the world. He is widely regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers of all time. Mysterio, the cousin of Rey Misterio Sr., started wrestling professionally in 1989 when he was 14 years old on the independent circuit. In 1992, he signed with Asistencia Asesora y Administración (AAA). Mysterio joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1996 after briefly competing for Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

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The rise of cruiserweight wrestling divisions was attributed to Mysterio’s work in WCW, where he also captured the WCW World Tag Team Championship three times and the WCW Cruiserweight Championship five times. Later, he competed for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), and in 2002, he began competing for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

In the WWE, Mysterio captured the World Heavyweight Championship once, the Intercontinental Championship twice, the United States Championship three times, the Cruiserweight Championship three times, the WWE Championship once, and the Tag Team Championship four times.

Mysterio not only won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship five times, but also the WCW World Tag Team Championship three times. He also played a key role in the Americanization of lucha libre, which sparked the growth of cruiserweight wrestling classes.

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He later competed in lucha libre for the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) before joining the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2002.

Mysterio achieved success in the WWE by winning the Tag Team Title eight times, the WWE Championship once, the World Heavyweight Championship twice, the Intercontinental Championship once, the United States Championship twice, and the Cruiserweight Championship three times each.

Rey Mysterio children

Rey and his wife have two children: a son, Dominik Gutiérrez (born April 5, 1997) and a daughter, Aalyah Guti érrez (born August 20, 2001). He has tattoos of his children’s names on his right and left biceps and one tattoo dedicated to his wife, Angie.

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