Rich Men Are More Likely To Cheat On Their Partners Than Poor Men But The Opposite…..

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Success has long been one of the most potent aphrodisiacs when it comes to drawing women. If evolutionary reasons skewed the attraction equation in favour of men with six packs and a towering height,modern times replaced it with money and success; the motivation was the same – women are more drawn to men who can offer them greater resources whether for the purpose of producing healthy offsprings as then or having a comfortable life as now. But in the end if a woman trades her looks and beauty for material success in a man,what is the guarantee that he will not enter into a similar arrangement elsewhere? So one of the most important questions troubling such ambitious women is whether wealthy men are more likely to cheat on them.

 Now,the scale of temptation that a wealthy man is exposed to is bound to be higher in number and variety as compared to the poor man. This is because now every beautiful woman wants to date a wealthy man because he is more likely to afford all that she needs, talk of the Brazilian hair, the designer clothes,shoes,bags etc. Oh and also take her to the mall almost everyday. But the thing about men is they feel proud when they are seen with beautiful women so when they meet other women who are more beautiful than the one their with,they go out with them as well just to soothe their ego.

So as their bank balances increases their ego also increases. Men who usually are being appreciated by their employees, clients,the media and generally the whole society becomes used to appreciation from all quarters. In such situations, they feel they are not given the needed attention at home,and no matter how wrong they are,they know that they can find it elsewhere without making any extra effort. The poor man on the other hand knows that he can score more on the relationship front by putting in an effort, instead of merely sitting back and expecting to be indulged.

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 Therefore it is always and mostly the wealthy men who are likely to cheat on their partners than poor men and its mostly the poor women who are likely to cheat on their partners than rich women.


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