Richest kid in Africa

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Most internet users usually pop the question, “ Who is the richest kid in Africa ”. In order to answer this quest of the populists to know who actually is the richest kid in Africa, we bring you the young child who is considered as the richest kid in Africa.

Richest kid in Africa

Monpha Junior

Born Muhammed Awal Mustapha popularly known as Monpha Junior is considered as the richest kid not in Africa alone but the world at large.

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Mohammed Junior was born in the year 2013 to a Nigerian billionaire Ismailia Mustapha popularly known as Mompha. Mompha is a famous Nigerian Instagram celebrity whose son was recently described by the Scottish SUN as the world’s youngest billionaire.

Mompha Junior educational background

Though the young billionaire didn’t spoke about his educational background, he is believed to be in high school now based on his age.

His career

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Since he is too young to engage himself into any profession, he is yet to be in any career but his celebrity father is an Instagram influencer and investor.

Mompha Junior

His relationship status

The young billionaire is not into any romantic relationship yet but he shared a strong bond with his beloved father

Mompha Junior wealth

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The young billionaire was only eleven years old. He has owned his first mansion at the age of six and tours the universe by private jet with his billionaire father. He owns many latest car and lucrative mansions

Mompha Junior is an Instagram influencer just like his father. He usually flaunt his luxurious and lavish lifestyle to his Instagram followers. The young billionaire has over 25,000 followers on his account.

Mompha Junior once post himself sitting on the bonnet of a cream Bentley Flying Spur. He claimed the car was his first car given to him by his father. He then poses in front of a red Lamborghini Aventador and he dressed in a designer clothes from head to toe in the picture that he took on his birthday.

He became the world’s billionaire and has expensive taste from his father. He frequently shows off banknotes, posing with designer bags and snaps with lions and tigers at a safari park on the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius.

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His father gifted him his first mansion on his sixth birthday in 2019. Mompha has made his fortune from a bureau de change business in Lagos before he ventured into investments.

Mompha is also the CEO of the Mompha Bureau De Change which is located at Bankole Street, Balogun of Lagos Island.

Mompha Junior
Mompha Junior

Mompha Junior controversy

The little boy is not into any trouble yet since he’s still young for that but his father has faced the criminal charges of laundering more then £10 million by the EFCC. He was remanded in custody where he awaits trial and was later released on a bail of 200 Million Naira.

He was also hit with a a $5 million scam allegations and was again arrested by the EFCC.

Mompha Junior net worth

Mompha Junior has an estimated net worth of over N800,000,000 million to himself. On the part of his father, he has an estimated net worth of over NGN7.8 billion.


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