Richie Mensah reacts to Kuami Eugene leaving Lynx Entertainment

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To counter Nhyira FM’s Ruthy claims that Kuami Eugene is leaving Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah has spoken out.

He pleaded with the entertainment press to disregard such baseless rumours, saying they detract from the artist’s actual achievements.

After Kuami Eugene’s latest post, speculation resumed regarding his possible departure from Lynx Entertainment.

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The CEO of the label, Richie Mensah, has already addressed this rumour. He admitted hearing the rumour but decided against providing any more commentary.

He said: “I think sometimes the media shouldn’t give attention to every story. That’s why I don’t say anything because what you do is you are now fanning unnecessary fires. Because whatever I’m saying right now is going to be written about. A story which isn’t even relevant is going to be continued.

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“So now, instead of the headlines being about how Kuami Eugene and KiDi are doing in Europe, right now. It’s going to be about what Richie said about what A-Plus said, about what he heard from someone somewhere.”

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Richie further cautioned other industry stakeholders to be careful about what they give attention to.

“I think as media and industry professionals, we need to guard the industry. The people in Australia, who are waiting for Kuami Eugene to come and play a show there, will google and not see how good the show is and rather be reading this,” Richie continued. “We need to dismiss certain things. That Kuami Eugene is going to leave Lynx. If he leaves Lynx, everyone will know.”




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