Rick Froberg Wikipedia, age, weight

Let’s put the lenses on Rick Froberg’s Wikipedia, age, and weight in the wake of his death as netizens search for information in this regard.

Rick Froberg was an American musician and visual artist. He was born in Los Angeles, and lived in Encinitas, California, as well as Brooklyn.

He performed with fellow San Diego musician John Reis in the band’s Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, and Hot Snakes during his musical career as their singer and guitarist.

Froberg also collaborated with the Obits, Thingy, and the Last of the Juanitas. For all of his bands, as well as for Rocket from the Crypt and Reis’ Swami Records label, he developed album art, promotional artwork, and product designs during the course of his career as a visual artist and illustrator.

Drive Like Jehu was signed to the major label Interscope Records in the early 1990s as a package deal that also included Reis’ more popular Rocket from the Crypt. Drive Like Jehu specialized in a style of loud, ambitious indie rock that was a major influence on bands like Modest Mouse and At the Drive-In.

Nevertheless, the group was only one of many that Froberg collaborated with during the course of a 30-year career: After Drive Like Jehu disbanded in 1995, he and Reis joined Hot Snakes, while Froberg later founded Obits. Prior to Drive Like Jehu, he and Reis played in Pitchfork, whose 1990 album “Eucalyptus” is widely considered a post-hardcore classic.

Froberg’s notion that piercing loudness and appealing choruses could coexist in any band led to the formation of each of them. As a vocalist, he developed a style of frantic yelp that conveyed both emotion and hatred.”Yank Crime,” Drive Like Jehu’s sophomore LP and first for Interscope, was released in 1994, three years after the explosive success of Nirvana’s smash “Nevermind” sparked a cultural revolution.

Rick Froberg Wikipedia

Rick Froberg Wikipedia

Rick Froberg has scanty information on Wikipedia. That notwithstanding, the little info there gives people the opportunity to know something about him and his career. We guess much relevant information will be added to his profile in the aftermath of his death.

Rick Froberg age and weight

Rick Froberg was 55 years old when he died. With regard to his weight, we have no information about it.


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