Ridiculous! A Man Marries A Woman Immediately After Seeing Her For The First-His Reasons Will SHOCK You!

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This is probably the most ridiculous thing, you are hearing of since 2015 began. A man know as Mr. Mali Kaigwa, aged 35 in Uganda has married a woman right after seeing her for the first time in his life.

What makes it even more ridiculous is the fact that he married her the same day he met her at his home barely after knowing her for just 4 hours.

Mr. Mali who is self-employed says he married the woman because his first wife of ten years cheated on him which resulted in the birth of 2 children with another man. He also accused his first wife for being disrespectful, dishonest and also a drunkard.

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He claims that he had married the new woman known as Ms Nansubuga  as a punishment to Mrs. Nakubulwa, his first wife.

The marriage was as dramatic as the reception. Present at the “wedding” ceremony which kicked off in the late evening on Tuesday was Kaigwa’s first wife Nakubulwa, who watched the proceedings in silence.

However, it was not clear which church or reverend wedded the new couple, something that left many unanswered questions in people’s minds.

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When the Saturday Monitor asked Ms Nakubulwa for a comment about her husband’s new wife, she said: “I know the simple procedures of a legal marriage.

“This man is just exploiting Nansubuga’s illiteracy. Tell me where you have seen such ceremonies come first before the introduction [ceremony]. Ebyo Ssebo Nkubulire byakifere [the marriage is unlawful],” Ms Nakubulwa said at the ceremony.

In defence, Kaigwa told his guests that he had decided to marry Ms Nansubuga that way because he had learnt from past mistakes which he would not repeat.

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Bride’s grace period

“I am giving my mugole (bride) two years. If she does not satisfy my wishes, I will not [sic] introduce her. I will instead go for a third wife until I find my match,” Mr Kaigwa said, referring to the cultural betrothal ceremony, kwanjula which is directly translated to mean “introduction”.

Ms Nakubulwa said she was considering petitioning the elders and local leaders for redress.

Culled from monitor.co.ugh


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