Robbie Uniacke And Rosemund Pike

Robbie Uniacke is a businessman and a mathematical researcher born in the year 1961 in Hertfordshire, England. He is the partner of British actress Rosemund Pike.

In this article, we will talk about the 2 times divorcee Robbie Uniacke and his current partner.


Not much information on the internet about the mathematician, however, Uniacke has been married twice, his first marriage was with Emma Howard an actress, and the second was with, interior designer Rose Batstone. He has 4 children in the 2 marriages. Namely, Florence, Hector, Jonjo, and Olive, Uniacke.

Robbie Uniacke studied at Eton College in Windsor. He loved mathematics right when he was young hence went ahead to pursue it and gained BSc in mathematics.


Uniacke served in many Finance and consultancy firms before establishing his own company ”Pale Fire Ltd. in 2010. He worked as a member of the board of directors before the company went bankrupt in 2016. Investigations revealed that the company was late on taxes and also Uniake mismanaged company funds. The other board members fired Uniacke after he admitted to using the funds for personal needs. The company was later dissolved in that same year.

Robbie Uniacke And Rosemund Pike

Robbie and Pike started dating in 2009, After 3 years, the pair had their first child Solo in 2012, and In 2014 they welcomed their second child Atom. The family now lives in England.


Rosemund Pike

Rosemund Mary Pike is an English actress born on 27 January 1979 to Julian Pike and caroline Friend, who were both opera singers.

In addition to I Care A Lot, Pike has appeared in many other shows over the years, including,

A Rather English Marriage

Die Another Day

Th Libertine

Pride and Prejudice


Johnny English Reborn

Gone Girl

Also, The Human Voice and many more

Robbie Uniacke’s Drunk Addiction

It is public knowledge that the 58 years old had been struggling with heroin addiction for years now, however, it appears that he is off all drugs now and has been clean for years.

Rose Hanbury, Prince William

Net Worth

The 5 ft 9 inches businessman has a net worth of $ 500.000 while his wife’s net worth is over $ 10 million. Despite being the wit in the family, Pike is well off.

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