Robert Card Children: Does Suspect In Lewiston Mass Shooting Have Kids?

The quiet Maine town of Lewiston was rocked by a tragic mass shooting that claimed many lives and left many more injured.

The population was left in shock and sadness. The neighborhood has been rocked by the horrific and sad tragedy, which prompted a citywide lockdown while detectives actively sought out a person of interest in the case.

Who is Robert Card?

Robert Card, an Army reserve reservist and 40-year-old firearms instructor, is the subject of the investigation. The fact that law enforcement has designated him as a “person of interest” highlights the immediate threat he poses to the public.

This tragedy, which ranks among the bloodiest shootings in the US this year, highlights the critical need for all-encompassing policies to address mental health issues and gun violence.

The first gunfire reports at 6:56 PM prompted a quick reaction from the Lewiston police, who reached the Sparetime bowling alley at 7:15 PM. This marked the beginning of the spree.

There was absolute chaos when the attacker, brandishing an AR-15-style rifle, started firing with abandon. Not content to stop at the bowling alley, gunfire also rocked Schemengee’s pub and grill, four miles distant, turning it into a terrifying sight.

Robert Card, the suspect, is a 40-year-old firearms instructor and Army reservist whose past has sparked questions about his mental health.

He had been admitted to psychiatric care earlier in the summer because of concerning mental health problems. The community is in shock as a result of his role in this catastrophe.

Police investigation

The 2013 white Subaru that Card was driving was discovered abandoned close to the boat pier in Lisbon, a town that is roughly seven miles southeast of Lewiston, according to confirmation from the authorities.

But the suspect himself is still on the loose, which makes the community more worried and anxious. The gunman’s terrifying image from the surveillance camera shows him entering the Sparetime Recreation bowling alley while wielding a firearm.

To emphasize the tragedy of the situation, videos also show fearful people fleeing for their lives.

Robert Card, a resident of Bowdoin, Maine, had previously displayed symptoms of distress, such as reportedly hearing voices in his head and making frightening threats of harm, mostly aimed at his Saco, Maine, National Guard installation.

The Maine Information and Analysis Center, a branch of the Maine state police, alerted authorities to these warning signs.

A citywide lockdown has been imposed due to the seriousness of the situation, and residents have been urged to safeguard their homes and exercise caution.

The Lewiston city administration has officially acknowledged the horrific toll, which stands at least 22 dead and 50 to 60 injured.

Who are Robert Card Children

Except for his sister-in-law, who spoke on the shooting scene, Robert has not revealed the identities of any other members of her family. In addition, nothing about his kids has been revealed. It implies that his children’s status is unknown to the general public.


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