Robert Luke Yunaska Biography and Net Worth

Robert Luke Yunaska is the popular father-in-law of former American president Donald Trump’s third child Eric Trump. Robert Luke was born on December 27, 1946.

His parents are Luke Max Yunaska and Marion Jean. He was born in the United States of America.Robert Luke is a very prominent member of his family and the whole American community.

Robert Luke Yunaska career

As the saying goes ‘There’s actually no responsible man without a career’, Robert Luke was a boat producer who is known as the best and unbreakable boat producer of his time.

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He also worked as a plant supervisor for Westsail in Wilmington, North Carolina. Robert Luke became popular due to his little girl’s prominent marriage with Eric.

Robert Luke Yunaska marital status

Robert Luke got married to Linda Ann Sykes on May 1980. The couple have two children who grew up to be stars. The children of Robert Luke are Lara and Kyle Yunaska. The couple celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in 2020 in a public ceremony.

Their first child Lara Yunaska was born on October 12, 1983. Lara graduated from the North Carolina State University procuring a Bachelor’s degree in correspondence.

Their second child Kyle was born in July 1984. Kyle was a Vice President of staff at NASA’s central command. Already, Kyle was also the head of staff for the Department of Energy, Office of Energy Policy and System Analysis. Kyle was once recorded as Washington’s most sizzling Lon ranger in 2013.

His child’s wedding

Lara met her partner Eric Trump in 2008 when they were spending time with companions. Eric then took her out around the town three months after they met. They got ready for marriage in July 2013 and finally married in the following year.

Robert Luke Yunaska And his family
Robert Luke Yunaska and his Family

Roberts child known as Lara, is the partner of Eric Trump. Both have been in a romantic relationship for years and decided to get married and spend their remaining life as couple. Their wedding took place on November 8, 2014.

As expected, it was one of the heaviest wedding ceremony to have taken place in the United States.  The luxurious wedding which saw attendance by high profile personalities was held at Donald Trump’s private home in Mar-a-Lago, Seven Springs. The 230- section of land domain worth $18.5 million is located in Palm Beach Florida. Over 400 visitors want to their pre-wedding marriage ceremony.

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On the dee day, Lara wore two dazzling originator outfits. She looked exquisite with adornments from her sister-in-law ivanka’s assortment, including her wedding band. Ivanka and Arabella were the bridesmaid.

Robert Luke Yunaska net worth

Though Robert Luke’s net worth is not known and there is no record of his salary that could be used to estimate his net worth, records showed it that Robert Luke lives a luxurious life since he is the father-in-law of Eric Trump who happened to be the third child of the former president of the United States of America Donald Trump.


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