Roberto Jaz Wife: Is He Married?

Roberto Jaz is in the news for the wrong reasons. He is known as the man behind Mama Hooch’s raping incident. Jaz was found guilty of 27 charges at a trial earlier this year, including sexual violation, stupefying, indecent assault and rape. As a result of his actions, people all over the world are searching for his marital life and in this post, we will take a look at who Roberto Jaz’s Wife is. Keep reading for more details.

Who Is Roberto Jaz?

Roberto Jaz gained notoriety as the perpetrator behind the Mama Hooch assault case, which resulted in his recent conviction. Earlier this year, he faced a trial where he was found guilty on 27 charges, encompassing offences such as sexual violation, stupefaction, indecent assault, and rape.

The identity of Roberto was publicly disclosed just last week in connection to the incidents involving the drugging and sexual abuse of several young women at the Mama Hooch bar in Christchurch. Notably, his brother Danny held the position of bar manager at that establishment. Exploiting their positions within the family businesses and nearby Venuti restaurants, the Jaz brothers orchestrated the administration of spiked drinks and drugs to facilitate their sexual misconduct.

These events unfolded between 2015 and 2018, during which time the Jaz brothers were employed at Venuti. Danny had assumed the role of manager since the venue’s inauguration in 2015. At 38 years old, Roberto Jaz was not an only child, growing up alongside his elder brother Danny by two years.

Reportedly, Roberto’s complete name is Jazevski, and he relocated with his family from Australia to New Zealand around 2003. Upon settling in Christchurch, the Jaz family established various hospitality establishments in the city centre, including Mama Hooch. It’s worth noting that Roberto’s parents are believed to be Macedonian immigrants, adding context to his background.

Roberto Jaz Sentenced To 17 Years

Jaz has been handed a 17-year prison sentence for perpetrating sexual offences against several patrons at Mama Hooch, the Christchurch bar.

Significantly, Roberto was not acting alone in these heinous acts. His partner in crime was his brother, Danny Jaz, who received a prison term of 16.5 years.

In a verdict earlier this year, the Jaz siblings were found guilty of a total of 69 sexual crimes, encompassing charges related to rape and drug-related offences. These offences had been carried out over a span of three years.

Roberto Jaz’s Wife: Is He Married?

Jaz is currently unmarried and reportedly single. However, from his past relationships, it is evident that Roberto was once in a relationship with a woman whose name is not available. For the sake of investigation, Roberto Jaz’s ex-girlfriend was named “Michelle”.

As far back as 2009, she recalls observing profoundly harmful and misogynistic conduct. Her employment was at the now-defunct Christchurch establishment, Portofino.

The moniker “Michelle” was assigned to her by Stuff, which detailed her role as a waitress at the mentioned venue. During that period, Roberto was part of the kitchen staff, and subsequently, a romantic involvement developed between them.

However, their connection endured merely for a span of eight months. Subsequent to witnessing certain Portofino patrons inappropriately touching the servers, she opted not to return to the restaurant. She did bring up the issue with Danny, but regrettably, he appeared indifferent to the matter.


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