My Romantic Hours of Adventure with Sussie at Labadi Beach-Part 1

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I will always remember this day, i mean how can i forget a day when i experienced everything i never thought of doing. It was a
holiday, and it fell on a Friday, just a perfect excuse to chill out! There was this big smile on my face when my eyes opened, with by
back touched to the unpleasant bed of mine, i could hear the loud song from my neighbors bedroom, and my boxers appeared just like it  should every morning. It stood straight to pay it’s respect to it’s owner and my hands reached to it tofeel it’s height, and it was just as expected. I walked to the bathroom to pay my water bill, looked into the mirror on the wall and my otherself told me, today was a day to have fun, after a hard week’s work. I need not to think hard about where to go, for i knew my place was at the beach. I  love beaches, but i hardly get the time to go there, and if today was a holiday, why not ease the stress by having some fun. After eating a bowl of aunty Akos’s waakye, i jumped into a tight pant plus my boxer short before wearing my summer short. Yes, i had to wear that tight pant to control the rise of my little friend, he always gets hungry each time, we go to the beach, eventhough, it has no eyes, i could see it lusting over the hot, raunchy girls in bikini.

2 hours on, i finally arrived at the famous Labadi beach, the place was crowdy as usual as any holiday. There were all sorts of
people there, ugly, fat, slim, beautiful, weird, charming, blah blah blah. Yes, soo many people with different personalities and
statures. For me, i had an agenda: to come and have fun. I did not go with anyone because, one i didn’t have a girlfriend and
secondly, i always end up coming home alone even if i go with my friends, because, i would swim and swim, and they are  not able to find me. I got inside the place after buying my ticket, i knew i had come to the right place to have fun, girls and boys everywhere.
What fantasies me most were the fair girls in bikini with flat tummies too, infact i couldn’t spare my eyeballs the chance to miss
them each time they walk by either in groups or just one person walking alone. I hurriedly took off my shoes, changed my top and left my bag at the keeper, for i was itching to dive into the invisible arms of the sea and viola, i was in it. I was fulfilling an agenda
and was soo happy about it. After several minutes of being in the water i got a bit bored and came out, because i realised those
having the most fun were those who had come with their girlfriends or perhaps managed to get one there, so i drew out and sat on the shores of the sea, just watching others as they swam and smooching the probably soft buttocks and boobs of all those innocent looking girls in the water. I felt jealous and i knew my day would never be complete if i end up swimming all alone the whole day, so i gathered my thoughts on how to approach one of those girls with flat tummies and get them to swim with me. All sort of silly pick-up lines dropped in my thoughts, and as if one of them had escaped to the ears of one those desirable girls, this slim tummy fair girl, came to sit right next to me. I almost shivered when she introduced herself, for i was not expecting a girl to approach me at the beach. I smiled at her and introduced myself too. Her name was Sussie and needed my help. I almost told, i couldn’t help her when she asked me to help her……… Click here to read PART 2 My Romatic Hours of Adventure with Sussie at Labadi Beach.


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