Ron Artest Height: How Tall Is The Former NBA Player?

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Former NBA player Ron Artest, commonly known as Metta World Peace, made his impact on the game with his determination on the court and his contributions to some of the league’s most iconic moments. Ron Artest’s height is one physical characteristic that is frequently brought up.

We shall talk about Ron Artest’s height and how it affected his basketball career in this article.

Early Life and Career

On November 13, 1979, in Queensbridge, New York, Ron Artest was born.

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He was raised in an undesirable area and used basketball to get away from the difficulties of his surroundings.

Artest played for the Red Storm while a student at St. John’s University from 1997 to 1999.

He caught the attention of NBA scouts in his second year after winning the Big East Conference Player of the Year award.

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Has Ron Artest height been a reason for his good career?

Ron Artest Height

What is Ron Artest’s height? How tall is he? Ron Artest was listed as 6’7″ (2.01 meters) tall when he applied for the NBA draft in 1999.

For a small forward, which was Artest’s position for the majority of his career, this height was seen to be around average.

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Artest, according to some reports, may have actually been shorter than 6’7″.

He was really listed as 6’5.75″ when he was measured at the NBA Draft Combine (1.97 meters).

The measurement method or whether Artest was wearing shoes during the measurement could have contributed to the difference in height.

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He was renowned for his physicality on the court regardless of Ron Artest height.

He was a tenacious defender who wasn’t reluctant to engage in physical contact with opponents.

Ron Artest developed a reputation as a player who was not to be trifled with thanks to his toughness, which helped him become one of the NBA’s most feared defenders.

Despite not being particularly tall, he was nevertheless useful on the court.

He was able to use his height of 6’7″ (or a little less) to his advantage when defending lesser players, and he was also able to compete with taller opponents.

Ron Artest’s “Malice at the Palace” Brawl

Ron Artest Height
Ron Artest Height

The famed “Malice at the Palace” brawl was one instance where Ron Artest’s fortitude and determination to defend himself and his teammates were on display.

A brawl broke out on the court in 2004 during a match between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons.

As a fan hurled a cup of beer at Artest while he was in the heat of the fight, Artest charged into the bleachers to confront the offender.

As a result, there was a major altercation between players and spectators that resulted in numerous bans and fines.

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Ron Artest height has become topical and that is down to the good career that he has had. Upon retirement, he also did some work in the media.

In addition to basketball, Ron has been on television in a number of other mediums.

He appeared in the 13th season of the reality dancing competition “Dancing with the Stars,” participated in a panel discussion for “Figure it Out” on Nickelodeon, and played a newscaster on “Key and Peele,” a Comedy Central sketch program.

In 2018, Artest participated in “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Moreover, in 2006, P. Diddy, Mike Jones, Juvenile, and Big Kap all contributed songs to Artest’s “My World” rap album.


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