Roy Wiegand Obituary: Cause of death Linked To Bike Accident

Roy Wiegand was a well-known trumpet musician from Los Angeles, California who was well-known for his extraordinary skill in the music business. He performed with well-known artists like The Who, Bobby Womack, Tom Jones, Mel Torme, and others over his impressive career.

Roy’s musical career included working on recording sessions for movies and television, contributing his voice to well-known works including The Nutty Professor and the theme to America’s Funniest Home Videos. In addition to his musical endeavors, Roy was an avid athlete who competed in several charity-focused endurance running and cycling competitions.

At the age of 60, he passed away while riding in “Roy’s Ride,” a fundraiser for the Navajo Nation’s need for clean water.

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Roy Wiegand Obituary

The loss of Roy Wiegand, a wonderful person who had a lasting influence on both the music industry and the nonprofit sector, is mourned by the entire world. He performed on concert stages with well-known musicians and recorded for a variety of motion pictures, television shows, and advertisements.

Beyond his musical talent, Roy’s love of cycling and running-inspired him to take part in various charitable events, exemplifying generosity and compassion.


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