Ruggedman Tells Nigerians With Cars Not To Allow Police Extort Their Monies, Says “I Will Never Give 1 Kobo Of My Money”

Popular Nigerian singer, Ruggedman has called on Nigerians with cars to ensure that they have all the necessary documents for their vehicle in order not to be extorted by police officers.

He made this known in the latest post shared on Instagram as he claims Nigerian police will not get a dime of his money and has Advised fans and followers to follow his lead.

According to him, he concluded never to give money to any police officer because of how the police treat innocent Nigerians.

Taking to his page he wrote, “Nigerians with cars get all your vehicle documents updated. Do not give any Nigeria Police Officer you come across on the streets 1 Kobo”

“1 kobo of my money will never touch the hand of any Nigerian police officer because of how you have been treating innocent Nigerians over the years”


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