Rumour Has It: Chris Attoh & Damilola’s Marriage Heading Towards A Possible Divorce

All that glitters is truly not gold and Chris Attoh and Damilola’s marriage is the perfect example right now to substantiate this idiomatic expression. Chris Attoh  and Damilola’s marriage started while they met on set shooting TINSEL in which the two were love birds in the MNet hit tv series.

They got married two years ago after Damilola became pregnant but rumours going rounds is that, their marriage is on the verge of collapse as it;s been rocketed with many issues. reports that the couple’s marriage is faced with issues and so there could be a possible divorce very soon.

“Chris and Damiloa’s marriage is engulfed in problems that will more likely bring it to an official end–that’s if it has not even already ended,” a source told the website

This apparently would not be the first celebrity marriage reported to be hitting divorce before an official statement from the couple comes out.

We can mention the likes of Funny Face’s own, Juliet Ibrahim and the most recent one, Tonto Dinkeh.

Rumours has it that, Chris Attoh broke up with his long time Ghanaian girlfriend so he could marry Damilola.  Could this be Karma?

We would bring you all the gist as and when we are able to gather more details.


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