Russia not to blame for the Ukraine war – Vladimir Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin says both his country and Ukraine are “sharing a sorrow,” implying that Moscow has no responsibility for the conflict in Ukraine.

The Russian leader maintained his view of Ukraine as a “brotherly country” during a televised talk with top military officers.

He blamed the dispute on the “policy of other nations,” rather than on Russia.

This viewpoint, which blames Western expansion, has been shot down time and time again by experts from countries other than Russia.

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of “brainwashing” all of the former Soviet nations.

He said, “We tried for years to create good-neighborly ties with Ukraine, giving loans and inexpensive electricity, but it did not work.

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To make accusations against us would be baseless. Ukrainians have long been regarded as brotherly people, and I continue to hold that view.

What’s occurring right now is tragic, but we have nothing to do with it.

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Officials from the military said at the speech that the “special military operation” would go on until 2023.

Furthermore, President Putin said that there was no cap on Russia’s spending.

Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s minister of defense, has advocated making conscription an adult responsibility.

Mr. Shoigu also said that Russia will set up bases in Berdyansk and Mariupol, two port towns that were captured by the Russian army.

The Ukrainian leader, Volodmyr Zelensky, gave the speech while visiting the US Capitol in Washington.

It’s his first trip abroad in the 10 months since Russia invaded Ukraine.





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