Ryan Haywood Biography and Net Worth

Ryan Haywood is a celebrated American voice actor, video game journalist and YouTube personality born on December 6, 1980 in Columbus, Georgia in the United States of America to David L. Edward and Debbie. He grew up together with his two siblings namely; Tanya and Ryan Edwards.

Educational background

Ryan Haywood’s elementary and high school are still under the veil but it’s clear he graduated at the Full Sail University with a degree in computer animation. Ryan then went to Georgia Southern University for six years and where he studied courses in computing engineering, computer science, broadcast and theatre.

Ryan Haywood Career

Ryan Haywood began his career when he was at school. In Georgia, he serve as a male model which resulted in his appearance in a magazine called Twist. When an amount of $200,009 had been raised via Extra Life stream, his pictures were released.

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He also featured in a runway show organized and held in Italy. At the show, he had an elf-like costume on a mushroom. In addition to that, he also served as a pool cleaner.

In March 2011, Ryan moved to Corpus Christi, Texas where he get the opportunity to an online job. He got this job’s opportunity on an advertisement posted for a job opening with Rooster Teeth. Ryan got a part-time job in June that same year after submitting his application. He worked there as a manager, oversee and edit shows and videos created in the company’s YouTube channel known as Game Fails.

Later, Ryan was hired officially by Rooster Teeth as a video editor and director of the tenth season of the Red vs Blue series in September 2011. He then moved to Austin with his wife for the full time job at Rooster Teeth.

As a producer, hie first video for Achievement Hunter was titled A Video Game Tour of NYC which was uploaded on YouTube by Rooster Teeth. Ryan had his first voice-over on a video known as The Witcher 2. He then uploaded a video called Skyrim: Kill The Meme, where he had a non- speaking role.

He also featured as the third primary host together with his colleagues Geoff Ramsey, Ray Narvaez, Meg Turney and Ryan Haywood became close friends and shared a bond both socially and professionally.

Additionally, he also appeared in live productions including Immersions, Million Dollars, the Gauntlet and many more. He also did a voice-over for many Rooster Teeth shows, an example being professor Peter Port’s voice.

Sexual allegations

A lady came out alleging that she had had sexual affair with Ryan since she was seventeen years old. A Reddit user then compile a spreadsheet detailing the allegations who include links to statement from many adults who also alleged to have had affairs with him. The allegations were leveled against him between 2016 and 2019 although some stretch back to 2004.

A victim described Ryan as a manipulative predator who usually took advantage of power dynamics to ask for sexual favors from underage girls.

However, Ryan made several attempts to debunk the claims and allegations leveled against him. Ryan details he would accept full responsibility for his actions. He also asked that people should refrain from sending threatening messages to his family.

After series of sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him, Ryan leave Rooster Teeth. Later, he publicly accept his mistakes and apologized to everyone he had hurt in one way or the other.

Though he made every attempt to return back to Twitch, he got banned from the platform forever. As a result of his predatory and infidelity, his presence has since been scrapped from years of Rooster Teeth involvement.

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Relationship status

Ryan got married to his high school lover Laurie Higginbotham. Their union was blessed with two lovely children. The first child named Eli was born in 2911 and the second born Olivia was born in 2013.

Ryan Haywood Height

Ryan is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs at 50 kg. Ryan who was once fans favorite turned to someone most people dread.

Ryan Haywood Net worth

Before his fall from Grace to grass, Ryan was able to accumulate a total net worth of $2 million.

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