Sabotaging People Has Never Been Profitable, Stop It! – Joe Mettle Advises Fans

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Multiple Award-winning Gospel musician Joe Mettle has taken to his Instagram page to dish out a piece of advice to his fans.

According to the Joe Mettle, sabotaging/ undermining has never brought promotion to anyone rather drives people away.

Joe Mettle advised people to work with all their hearts, adding that how they treat the work and assignment of others today is the same way theirs will be treated.

He shared a new photo of himself with the caption: “You never benefit from something or someone you Undermine. Undermining has never brought promotion to anyone rather it makes the people you do that with an awareness of who you are, and that rather makes them careful around you.

“Work with all your heart wherever you find yourself serving, trust me it’s not easy having to be in leadership or creating something that gives an opportunity for people to serve.”

See his post below;

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