SAD: Actress Awo Yaa sadly reveals how juju in Kumawood turned her into a chronic drunkard (+ Video

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If you need evidence that juju, black magic or muti works in our movie industry especially Kumawood then this story about how actress Awo Yaa became a drunkard overnight is a critical example.

Speaking to Oman Channel, Awo Yaa disclosed that she used to drink alcohol just for the fun of it and it was through that, people who were seeking to destroy her came for her.

“It was normal that we will go out sometimes and drink a little bit but it got to a time a was drinking a lot. As early as 5:30 in the morning I would feel like drinking and I was thinking I was being funky and having fun. But the people around me started seeing it was not normal. I remember you once told me it is not normal for a woman to be drinking the way I was drinking,” she told Theophilus Annan, the host of the show who has also been in the acting industry.

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She further disclosed how her drinking habit affected her life and work saying that “I am someone who is very hyper so when the alcohol became a part of me, I was left with a temper. I was so temperamental and people knew that I was not tolerant of cheating so even if an issue was not about me, I will end up fighting. It started affecting my work with people saying as for Awo Yaa if you bring her to your set, she will drink and mess things up.”

According to her, she was advised by people around her to seek help and it was through her quest to find a solution to her drinking problem that she found out that it was brought on her by people in the movie industry.

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Awo Yaa told Theophilus that she visited several pastors who extorted money from her but were not able to help her. According to her, even though some of the pastors who are popular were not able to help her, a less known pastor somewhere in Kumasi helped her to stop drinking.

Watch her interview below:

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