Sad as woman’s heavy backside makes romantic man falls down ‘yakata’

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A man went tumbling down while trying to show his romantic side and impress a woman with a heavy backside.

The unnamed man bundled the woman up and carried him on his back as he tries to impress her and a few people gathered around to witness his Hercules style of live demonstration.

As shared by @VanDeMaestro, the man succeeded in carrying her but the woman’s backside probably proved overbearing and the next moment, they were both crashing down.

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In a video shared by @VanDeMaestro, the bride emerges at the glamourous reception wearing a colorful boxing robe and gloves while beaming with smiles and dancing her way to the venue.

Her bridesmaid followed her and helped complemented her swagger and she made antics typical of a ferocious boxer ready to devour her opponent.

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The groom shortly arrived later and started engaging in the same antics after which they faced each other and playfully traded a few blows before they hugged each other.

Although it looks quite intriguing, a cluster of people who come across the video has their own reservations. Watch the video below and pass your evaluations.


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