SAD: Flowking Stone Music Career is Suffering from Rural Urban Migration; Preparing Soups in UK – DJ Slim breaks silence (+ Video

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As it stands, one won’t be far from right to envisage that rapper Flowking Stone will hang the microphone taking into consideration how he has suffered in the hands of awards houses especially Charterhouse.

And the truth is, Flowking Stone is undoubtedly a good rapper but it seems he is not destined for greatness in the area of awards and one can go to VGMAs archives to know more about this.

And as we speak, Flowking Stone is missing in action and his fans can’t recall the last time they heard a song from his camp which is nothing but unfortunate.

But it looks DJ Slim knows a lot about the hideouts of Flowking Stone considering his words on Sunday, May 2, 2021, on “For The Culture” show in the studios of Kumasi-based ABN Radio One.

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According to DJ Slim, Flowking Stone’s music career is currently suffering from Rural-Urban Migration which is part of the topics being studied by JHS students adding that the rapper is prepaying and opening soups in the UK.

That is to say, Flowking Stone has temporarily hanged the microphone and wandering in the lands of the UK for his daily bread perhaps the music didn’t help him that much in his days in Ghana.



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