Sad moment black woman starts foaming at mouth after white policeman lies on top of her as he tries to arrest her (Watch)

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Another George Floyd scenario has been replicated in the US after a white cop wrestled a black woman to the ground as he tried to arrest her while she was in handcuffs. 

The woman started foaming at the mouth but that did not stop the officer who was bent on arresting her.

According to the sister of the black woman who was arrested by the police, someone called the police on her sister because she tried walking through traffic and looked like she wanted to harm herself.

She disclosed how the first policeman walked towards her and grabbed her without telling her anything until he forced her to the ground.

“Yesterday someone called the police on my sister because they said she was walking through traffic trying to hurt herself. the first police officer pulled up by himself and grabbed her without asking what’s going on just grabbed her and said come with me. my sister tried to pull away and somehow manage to call me screaming varying saying the police got me help me help me !!

“So I and my mom rush to the neighborhood she was in and pulled up we found him on top of her while she was foaming out of the mouth !!! crying saying she can’t breathe. when he did manage to get my sister up my mom was grabbing my sister’s hands AS A MOTHERRR WOULDDDD in that position and he reached over and assaulted my mother for no reason !!! but NOW she’s in jail for an assault that never happens on her end !! shit is sad !!”

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