Sad moment schoolgirl beats her classmate and rips off her underwear during one-sided fight- Watch

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A video of a violent schoolgirl beating her friend aggressively and ripping off her underwear, not to talk of punches and kicks she administered at her opponent has angered netizens after the footage found its way onto the internet.

In the video, the aggressor and bully is seen repeatedly kicking and punching the other, forcing her to the ground while she continued maltreating her.

Meanwhile, an investigation has been launched into the matter while the school they belong to has issued an official statement to this effect.

“The [department] has summarily suspended two pupils, pending the disciplinary hearing, who attacked a pupil shown in the gruesome video clip that is being circulated on social media,” it said in a statement on Tuesday.

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The department said the school was directed to finalize the disciplinary processes within seven days.

“Professional therapy is currently being offered to the victim and other affected learners by competent psychologists from the department of social development.”

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The department’s legal services officials have also been directed to assist the victim to open a police case and to contact the social media platforms’ administrators with the aim of removing the video and blocking its circulation.

“The Department of Education wishes to appeal to members [of] the public to refrain from circulating [the] humiliating video clip as further circulation will only serve to inflict more harm to the dignity of the victim for the rest of her life.”

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