Sad moment woman probably using escalator stairs for the first time trips and somersaults after missing her step

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An elder woman who was probably using an elevator for the first time tripped and somersaulted when she missed her first step while getting on to the device.

The woman whose identity has not been established, looked jittery as she got on the automatic stairs while being trailed by another woman.

Before one could make sense of what she had wanted to do, she came sprawling on the floor as the other stranger tried to help her out.

The incident which perhaps took place in a big mall saw one of the sales representatives of the big supermarket rushing to her aid.

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In the video we obtained from the Instagram page of Van De Maestro, the unnamed pastor was surrounded by some church members and before one could say jack, he began ascending to heaven helped by a strong rope tied to his upper body close to his neck.

The video has divided opinions online as some people think it was a drama woven around the Biblical ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven after his resurrection.

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Others are of the strongest conviction that it is real and adds another layer of the foolery that shrouds religion. Perhaps you can make your own deductions after watching the interesting footage yourself as seen below:


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