The Sad Story Of How A Presenter Lost A Sponsorship Deal With ONGA Just Because She Interviewed Angel OBINIM On Her Show

Actress & Philanthropist Kafui Dzivenu has in an interview with PressPeep-The News Hunters disclosed how her sponsorship deal with Promasidor Ghana Limited, manufacturers of ONGA was terminated by one of the company’s managers because she had interviewed Obinim on her show.

It’s a very sad. Read the whole interview below after the cut We gathered that your charity project The Bridge, lost sponsorship from ONGA because of your affiliation with Bishop Obinim, can you please confirm this for us?

Kafui: Yea…it happened to me. I lost my sponsorship. Tell us how it all happened.

Kafui: My charity show The Bridge was sponsored by Cowbell and then later by Onga. For three years, they have been sponsoring me and I appreciated it a lot. They have been my biggest backbone which enabled me go to communities and touch lives of people in need.

Then in February this year, I was introduced to their new Marketing Manager – which they always do. I met the manager, then in the course of our discussions on my project, the angle of the topic diverted and Bishop Obinim’s name came in. He asked me what kind of man is Obinim.

I told him he is a good man and that he is someone that from afar, you may see him bad or may not admire him, but when you get closer to him, you may like him. I told him how kind Obinim is and how he has helped many in need. At a point, I saw his cheerful face changed – and as someone who has directed characters before, I knew he is not enthused about my response, so I cut a long story short.

When he came in, he rubbished Obinim – he confessed how he dislikes how Obinim operates his ministry and spiritual activities and claims. I was not happy too but I kept calm, smiled and left. You remember that video in which Obinim said he can change into snake and bite his enemies?

It was on my show that he made those revelations. It was around that time when the video had gone viral both on main stream media and social networks that I met this manager. So it means he knew who I am, had his reservations, before asking me about Obinim.

I left, I went with my team to do the feasibility studies at where we wanted to do our next donation to know which topics to treat and about the deprived people. A week to the main event,


I had a call from them, asking me to hold on with the event and that they will get back to me. I quickly asked if something had happened, but the fellow said they will get back to me. I couldn’t wait because the community was waiting and I didn’t want to disappoint them. I had disappointed them earlier. I started praying that God should let me know what’s going on. I cried. I felt in my spirit that something was wrong.

Later, I called and I was told to remain calm. I told the fellow to disclose whatever it is to me – I am ready to handle it. I told the fellow, ‘I guess your new manager is trying to spoil things. I have a feeling it is him.’ This person heaved a deep sigh of relief and broke the sad news.

That, I can’t front their brand – ONGA. In other words, they have cancelled the sponsorship deal. I screamed Jesus! I am just a presenter, interviewed Obinim who talked about how he works in the spirit, I could not have challenged him because I do not work in the spirit with him. My job is to question and get answers for the viewer.

According to the one who called me, because I said a lot of good things about Obinim when I met the manager and also works with OB TV owned by Obinim, it means I support his cause and everything he does. I started crying. So the long and short of it all is that, since the manager does not like Obinim, he cancelled the sponsorship deal. Did they send you a letter to that effect?

Kafui: No. Honestly, we didn’t sign contract right from day one. This is because the one who got me the deal told me the company wants to see how well I manage the project to see if it has a future as well as how we promote the ONGA brand.

However, in all our past donations, ONGA sent 2 or 3 staff to join us, take pictures and videos, and report. I have pictures of one of their managers and the staff. Also, they just don’t dash me their products, it goes through their stores and I receive a copy of their document before the products are released to me. So they can’t deny me or claim they never worked with me. Was the sponsorship only in products?

Kafui: From the beginning it was just products and then later they added cash. Did you discuss this issue with Angel Obinim and what did he do?

Kafui: I decided not to tell him about it because I knew he will feel very bad – but I went to his office looking gloomy, and he asked if anything has gone amiss. I started crying and narrated the whole incidence. He was a fan of The Bridge and assisted on a number of occasions.

He felt bad! He bow down his head for minutes in silence. He said ‘so because of me, some poor ones have lost their blessings.’ That is what made him sad. Are you still hurt by this experience?

Kafui: I’m very hurt till date! Because why should we allow faith or religion create confusion between us? Why can’t we appreciate and respect others beliefs? Because of what this man did, some poor souls have lost their blessings from ONGA!

Do we run a corporate body with faith? This is the same intolerance that has entered into our politics – and now some can’t get jobs simply because of their political affiliations! The whole world must condemn this act by this manager at ONGA! Are you a member of Obinim’s church?

Kafui: Yes. I fellow there. I have worshipped in all his branches – Tema, Accra, and Kumasi. Aside that, I am a presenter on his channel OB TV. I host a show called DAYE (dreams) – where I discuss dreams. I invite men of God to share their spiritual knowledge and open phone lines for the viewers to share their thoughts or ask questions. So have you stopped The Bridge project?

Kafui: Not really. When I started, I started with my own money until they came in and it helped. We helped some youth get into vocational trades; we fed thousands of children and the aged; we helped some to start schooling; we gave shelter to some who had no place to sleep; we did a lot.

Being there for poor ones is my passion! That is what makes me happy in life. That is my joy (starts sobbing). Now I don’t have the resources but I’m still calling on some people to see if we can put a smile on some needy ones this December.

Kafui Dzivenu is one of the quite long served but young actresses in Ghana’s movie industry. She has acted in both English and Twi speaking movies, as well as directed and produced a number of movies. She told us that she had to stop acting when she had a divine call to do charity and ministration works.

On our part, promised to be the official media partner to support The Bridge project with coverage and reportage. For ONGA’s side of this issue, we officially sent them email but received no reply as at the time of wrapping up on this story for publication.

We are still following up on this story and may issue an editorial to it at the appropriate time. Keep reading us EVERYDAY.


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