Sad Video: “My husband who is a policeman could b£at me for my neck to shift backwards” – Helpless Wife runs to Aunty Naa

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A morally drained married woman has run to Aunty Naa, host of Oyerepa Afufuo on Oyerepah FM, to come to her aid else an obituary photoshoot awaits her.

That is to say, the woman is living in hell on earth as her husband who is a policeman takes it as a hobby to beat her without any sensible reason.

According to her, her husband has been beating her always since they got married.

Narrating her tragic story to Aunty Naa host of Oyerepa Afufuo on Oyerepah FM said she had wanted to divorce due to the irresponsible and weird behaviour of her husband.

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“I struggle to get daily meal for myself and the children. My husband does not provide anything for us, sometime I help my neighbors before they give me food”. She lamented.

According to her, the husband with the least provocation could beat the hell out of her to the extent that her neck could shift in the backwards direction.


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