SAD: Video pops up showing GH man washing 712 dirty plates daily in Dubai restaurant for a small salary  

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A short footage that was uploaded to TikTok has shown that many individuals who go to other countries undertake professions that they would never do in their home country in order to generate money while they are there.

Men could be seen in the video footage working in what seemed to be the kitchen of a restaurant, cleaning stacks of plates numbered 712 or a little above.

They began their labours in a flurry, tying aprons around their waists and donning nets to wear on their heads.

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While others worked, a few of them engaged in idle chatter. They were surrounded on all sides by dishes that were soiled and needed to be cleaned.

The fact that the employees in the film spoke in what looked to be a variety of languages was meant to convey the idea that they had travelled from all over the globe to find employment in Dubai.

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And from our checks, the average salary for a restaurant staff is AED 1,000 per month in Dubai which is approximately 2,500ghc.


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