SAD: Young man in Wa flogging video on the verge of losing his Right Eye

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The right eye of the young man who was flogged savagely at the Wa-palace Naa’s over a sex tape leak has been severely swollen and bruised.

Adnan (not his real name) claims that since the incident, he has been unable to keep his eye open without agony for lengthy periods of time.

Besides the eye injuries, he told Komla Adom of TV3 that he had also received multiple bruises during the public flogging in Wa.

That same social welfare department brother has been here since the incident, he said, “and he’s been taking me for regular checkups to make sure I’m in good health.”

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In Adnan’s telling, “I was flogged, and one of the persons whipping me stepped on my right eye, which was the most severe one.”

As he recalled the events following the flogging, he was unable to sit up straight in his chair.

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As if it wasn’t bad enough, he can’t even go outside without tears in the bloodshot eye.

As soon as I leave the house, my vision blurs and tears begin to stream down my face. The dark glasses I have on don’t seem to make much of a difference.

Despite the eye drops and medication, he has been advised to consult an eye specialist if he does not notice an improvement in his condition.

It is my sincere hope that I will not lose my sight totally in the near future. Everything is in God’s hands, and that is all I ask for. “Perhaps I can receive some assistance in regaining my vision.”

“It’s been difficult,” he continued.

Locals say he hasn’t been back to his job at a family beverage business since the incident a week ago.

Viral footage showing men publically beating Adnan and an underage woman, both of whom were caught on camera making sexually explicit videos, went viral.

Sources say the whipping was ordered by the palace’s leadership in order to execute a local ordinance supposedly designed to combat the rise in immorality and dissemination of naked images by Wa’s youth.

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