Saddick Adams Bemoans The Seeming Lack Of Payment Plans For Goods And Services In The Country

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It appears that, in this country, if you don’t have money on you at the moment you’re in urgent need of a product, you need to either borrow from someone to pay for the product or wait until when you have saved enough, and that is because there is no payment plan offered by anyone to customers.

Popular sports Journalist and host of the Flood Light Sports show on Angel Fm in Accra, Saddick Adams, has found this lack of payment plans in Ghana disturbing.

He took to his Facebook page to lament why a person would be expected to pay cash for goods costing as much as 900k and more before what they want is given to them.

He pointed out that even across some African countries, you could be given a payment plan when you want to buy something there, but in Ghana, no such thing exists for even salaried workers, and he finds this worrying.

Saddick Adams expressed concern as to how young people will be able to survive under such condition.

So it’s now become a norm in Ghana. Anything being sold is cash down. Whether it’s a 900k house, 400k plot, 150k car.

You have to make full payment and in cash. Nobody offers any payment plan for anything. Not even big agencies. CASH down.
Nobody trusts anyone and nobody cares what the price is. Whether it’s feasible for the average citizen cough up that in a day.
Everything you want to acquire, even if you are a regular salaried worker with bank assurance to confirm ability to undertake a payment plan doesn’t matter.
Even around Africa, workers are able to buy common mobile phones from official shops and pay in installments.
Not sure of anything like that anywhere in Ghana. Everything is cash down.
How will young people survive something like this?” he wrote.




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