Did Salinko Really Say Agya Koo, Nana Ama McBrown, Mercy Asiedu ‘Killed’ His Career? Here’s The Truth Of That Story

This morning, my attention was drawn to a story we published here on Ghbase.com, that was being discussed on Hitz Fm’s Daybreak Hitz. I missed the discussion but from what a friend who listened to the show told me, it was about the Salinko story we published with the headline; “Agya Koo & Mercy Asiedu Killed My Acting Career – Salinko

From what I gathered, the panelists of the show questioned the credibility of the blog as the story didn’t cite any sources. Salinko was also called on the show, and he denied making such a statement, so it’s understandable for the panelists to raise doubts especially when our original story did not mention whether the interview was granted on tv, radio or to a particular website.

As the editor of the website, I humbly apologize to our readers, for not ensuring that the source of the story was added since it was not our own original story. I would ensure that such mistakes do not repeat itself in the future.

Now moving on to the Substance of the story–Did Salinco really say that?

Well, I called Salinko on phone this morning and he explained to me, that he had an interview with Ghanaweb and they had asked him, what he felt were the reasons for the ailing health of the movie industry.

I would add his video interview with Ghanaweb here, so you can watch and be the better judge.

After watching the interview, I feel Salinko couldn’t express himself properly and Ghanaweb for that matter perhaps misunderstood him, but then we cannot fault Ghanaweb for using that title for the video.

In his interview, he had suggested that Agya Koo, Mercy Asiedu and Nana Ama Mcbrown were some of the people who had ‘sabotaged’ him but after speaking to him on phone and matching it with the interview, it was obvious that he only lacked the right words to better express what he wanted to say.

My Chat With Salinko on Phone

Salinko told me that, he felt the influx of telenovelas on our Tv screens, lack of unity among the actors and sabotage from the new producers in the industry were some of the reasons he feels has caused the ‘collapse’ of the movie industry.

I asked him if he had any ‘beef’ with Agya Koo or Mercy Asiedu and he told me, he had no issues with them and that, he regards them as his ‘seniors’ in the industry.

He revealed to me that, Agya Koo would even be featuring in his Tv series ‘Boys Abre’ soon and also he had just finished talking to Mercy Asiedu on phone about work issues, so there was really no issue among them.

He also told me about how one producer had sabotaged him for 6 years now because of a wrong impression he has about him.

In conclusion, Salinko’s was only mentioning names of other colleague actors who have been sabotaged by some producers in the movie industry in that interview, but it’s obvious the right words to use failed him.

Agya Koo had also mentioned some time ago in an interview that, some producers have sabotaged him as well.

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