Salma Mumim Begs The Men To Stop Sliding In Her DM After Her ‘I Need A Man In My Life’ Post Went Viral

Salma Mumim is an amazing actress, producer (yeah, she produced a movie No Man’s Land in 2016) and an entrepreneur who owns a restaurant in East Legon–She’s really a BOSS lady but despite having a smooth face, with a smooth lifestyle, she’s single and made a post on her page about waiting for her man to just come and marry her and as usual, bloggers took the story up and it went viral.

Interestingly, Salma Mumim is pissed off that the media made some news out of a post she made that wasn’t anything serious as according to her it was just a joke.

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She blasted the media for ignoring her post about her upcoming TV Show, ‘Luciana’ and rather settling for a trivial post she made on her Instagram.

Salma Munin
Salma Munin

Salma Mumim admits that she’s single but not desperate for a man in her life but we know she’s lying–Girl needs a man in her life.

She warned the men who were sliding into her inbox to stop sending her messages and emails as she’s not looking for a man.

The full post unedited on her Instagram account reads:

“So someone can not play again? Someone can not re (post a random quote just because they like it? ?
I posted this first photo just yesterday because I saw it online and liked the message.
Next day it’s all over That AM LOOKING for a MAN!
It is pathetic to me because it looks like our own people doesn’t want the best for us because that same yesterday I posted a video about my new “TV SHOW” and nobody supported by making it news. I haven’t seen any HEADLINE saying SALMA MUMIN STARS in new TV SHOW.
You people “blogs” can not use people’s lives to creat traffic on your sites at the expense of their WILL! Lazy people who won’t go and work hard for TANGIBLE news,
rather sit in their homes waiting for one to just make a mistake and post something on social media.
Main reason why I stopped granting interviews Because of (Misquotes) IS THIS EVEN NEWS?
If you want NEWS we WORK! Make our CONTENTS news and stop ? making our lives miserable with your FAKE NEWS!
For Everyone’s information, I AM SINGLE yes! BUT AM NOT LOOKING FOR A MAN!
So please all the MEN Sliding into my DM and sending Emails should just STOP ✋


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