Salma Munin Puts Golden Movie Awards Africa Organisers On Blast For Nominating Her | Find Out Why & Why We Agree With Her

Salma Munin
Salma Munin

When the nominees were announced for this year’s Golden Movie Awards Africa on Tuesday (24th May, 2016), I was somewhat surprised at some of the names I saw in the nominees list.  I was partially disappointed that some people I was expecting to see in the list and some categories were missing, especially Yvonne Nelson, Abraham Attah and Kafui Danku. I wrote about it and expressed my concerns, incase you missed that, read it here.

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When I looked at the nominees list, I found something very awkward with one of the categories. I was more than disappointed to see actress Salma Munin nominated in the “Most Promising Act” category. For a moment, I thought it was another Salma Munin in the industry but then she earned that nomination with her movie “No Man’s Land” and I was at the premiere of the movie in February, so I was certain it was the Salma we all know.

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So what the heck is Salma doing in that category? Is that an error?

Salma Munin
Salma Munin

Those were the questions that run through my thoughts.  Anyone who knows Salma Munin would know she started acting way back in 2007 and has played several lead and supporting roles in countless movies from Ghana to Nigeria.

She’s not that kind of actress anyone should tag as promising because it’s an insult to see her as one. I was trying to get the category definition for the “Most Promising” as defined by the organisers of the award scheme but couldn’t get that on their official website, at the time that I checked.

Making meaning out of the term “Most Promising“, the organisers of the award scheme mean to tell us, Salma Munin is “Up & Coming” and that she’s that new actress in the industry we should look out for. She was nominated in that category with new acts and that alone cements what that category means.

Golden Most Promising

  • Salma Munin-  No Man’s Land
  • P. Fella Makafui- YOLO
  • Lisa Awuku- Ghana Must Go
  • Rosemary Zimu-Shampaign
  • Kabuki Akiwomi-Shampaign



Well, it appears I am not the only one disappointed but the actress herself as she has put the organisers of the awards on blast on her Instagram account.

She wrote;

salmamumin:Thank you very much Golden movie Awards? for recognition ? BUT I’m NOT a “Most promising Actress”. The movie ‘No Man’s Land’ arguably is one of the best movies to come out of Ghana and even if personally I don’t get nominated (no qualms ‘cos nomination is beautiful but not the end of the world); how about its story line? What happened to @wiyaalaperformance? What happened to@deyemitheactor ? What happened to@adjeteyanang performance? What happened to @dj.vegaz props and other crew’s work. For once we had HOPE in the Ghana movie industry but as it stands, we all have to collectively work positively if we need immense sincere growth. Too bad I got disappointed AGAIN (but that’s life)! With all respect, Black should be Black and White should be White. You either do it or don’t do it at all! DO NOT DISRESPECT our hustle. Maybe for some controversial reasons, you decided to fix me in that category – thank you! Maybe it was an error from whoever – thank you!. I already have a ‘Most Promising Act’ in 2013 from Pamsa Awards in Abuja, on my shelve… Long live Ghana Movie Industry. Long live the organizers. Long live my esteem fans. Thank you. @salmumpictures#nomansland

I concur with Salma and I feel the organisers failed to do their research well on the actress before putting her in that category. She’s not just an actress but a producer who has produced her first film that was highly successful at it’s premiere. The actress has really worked off her butt to get to where she is now in the industry.

If the jury would be fair to Ghanaians, Salma can no way be nominated in that ‘Small category‘ because she’s way bigger than that.

Salma Munin
Salma Munin




I was expecting “No Man’s Land” to get nominated in Golden Overall Movie, Golden Story (Drama) and the actress been nominated in the Golden Actress (Drama) but it appears that didn’t happened. Salma has featured in movies like Seduction, No Apology, Passion & Soul, College Girls, Leave My Wife and in her own movie, No Man’s Land.

Salma Munin is the ambassador for Save A Life Project, a new project by Bliss Foundation to raise funds to support pregnant women who go through stress just to give birth. She’s also a producer and CEO of her Salmum Pictures.

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