Get a bottle of coke and popcorn, the two dancehall artistes want to re-kindle their beef–What’s dancehall without a beef?

After Shatta Wale was invited to the Flagstaff house by President Akuffo Addo, several other celebrities have also tweeted at the president ‘begging’ him to invite them also and among these celebrities is Samini, who sent out a tweet to the president that his birthday was approaching, so he would also want to be invited to the Flagstaff house.

Shatta Wale in an interview described all those who were ‘jealously’ forcing the president to invite them to the Flagstaff house as DUMB, a statement that didn’t seem to go well with Samini since he felt Shatta Wale was calling him “DUMB” indirectly.

After that statement by Wale, Samini in a tweet said that he was only joking about wanting to be invited by the president and Shatta Wale teased him again, asking him if he was a Comedian because he only knows DKB to be a comedian who can joke about these things.

It’s obvious Shatta Wale’s tease pierced Samini soo deep. And in a series of Tweets, he’s decided to mock Shatta Wale but Wale is not letting him win alone on this.

Like this one. We don’t know if he wanted to say decorated ‘Monkey’-His keypad failed him, perhaps

Oh his reply to this tweet proves that he’s emotionally hurt when Wale called him a Comedian


But Shatta Wale loves his former rival, he joined in and Tweeted, telling him to get a house and stop renting

Then Samini replied to his earlier tweet above

Ouuuuuuuch! And Samini calls Wale  a Late Apostle

We are going to keep this page updated with what they tweet to each other. Share your comments

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