Going na.ked in front of Samini was no big deal since i had been doing it in front of doctors – Stephanie Benson 

UK based Ghanaian singer, Stephanie Benson has shared details of her encounter with Samini when she shot a music video with the dancehall artiste and went n.k3d in front of him.

Stephanie who’s known for making bold statements when it comes to issues of sexuality went deeper with her experience when she shot a music video with the legend Samini with no clothes on.

In her ’One More’ misic video, she was seen with no clothes on whiles in a Jacuzzi with Samini.

Recounting the epic moment on Asempa Fm, the mother of 5 said Samini was shocked when she appeared in front of him wearing no clothes when she walked into the bath house where the music video was shot.

According to Stephanie Benson, when Samini saw her with no clothes approaching him in the bathhouse he said “Akua you’re bad”.

She went straight to sit on his laps and told him he doesn’t know how far she will go so he should relax and allow her to lead.

Stephanie Benson said she was comfortable doing that because as a mother of 5 children, Doctors and nurses have seen her with no clothes on times without number.

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