Samini vows to discipline Canadian-based troll who attacked him for insulting Black Stars players

Ghanaian dancehall musician Samini is not taking things lightly with a Canadian-based Ghanaian who attacked him for making his feelings known about Richard Of or I.

Samini was one of the many Ghanaians who reacted angrily to the disappointing display by the Ghana Black Stars against Mozambique in their final group game at the African Cup of Nations Tournament.

His opinion, however, has caused a huge clash between himself and some X users. It is not known exactly what the guy said but Samini claimed in an X post that the guy labeled him as a foolish man.

According to Samini, the guy proceeded with saying he (Samini) should fuck off as well and it is something he is not going to be cool with for whatever reason, and the High-grade family boss threatened that boy to let his people locate him to be dealt with.

“He says I’m a foolish man and I should fuck off. Cus I typed my sentiments on my own wall about my own national team oo. I no mention am but he move to me with pure diss …. If I do have #hgf then just know you’ve been found. It’s only a matter of time. SMH. Internet Macho go learn this year.”

An X user identified as “King Oxlade” took to Samini’s comment section, telling him there is absolutely nothing he can do because, on the X platform, it is normal to take shots at other users.

It was at this point that Samini was told the guy doesn’t reside in Ghana but in Canada so it would be very difficult for him to locate the guy in the first place, not to talk of disciplining him as he (Samini) wished.

The Iskoki hitmaker, however, did not give up on his quest to let the public know he could easily find the X user and do whatever he wanted to him. Samini then explained that his daughter has lived in Canada for over 20 years so she knows the ins and outs of the country.

“Yo my eldest daughter is 20 years old out there and I’ve known Canada longer than that bro. I say he go learn. Just mark it. Unless he hide forever from
The “foolish northern”. Don’t make it worse for the guy pls. Advise him to chose peace if he knows what’s good for him. I forgive remorsefulness 🙏🏾😊. I’m not God.”

After the back and forth, the guy apologised and Samini forgave him. 

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