Sammy Flex Is The Moses for The Shatta Movement- Shatta Wale Praises Manager

Dancehall musician Charles Nii Armah Mensah famed Shatta Wale has once again lauded Sammy Baah Flex, his current manager.

In an interview on Onua Showbiz on Saturday, February 10, which was monitored by, Shatta Wale said that Sammy Flex is the best among the numerous managers he has worked with.

According to the “Real Life” hitmaker, his previous managers did the vice versa of what he wanted, citing an example that when he asked for gari he was given chicken.

He added that he was an already established musician; he had his name, money, cars, and other properties before he met some of these managers but when he gave these people the opportunity to manage him, they acted like they were helping him to become a better version of himself or they played a major role in the success of the Shatta Movement brand.

He revealed that Sammy Flex on the other hand listens to him and has patience therefore he is the Moses for the Shatta movement brand.

“Sammy Flex is the Moses for the Shatta Movement. He is just listening to me and I love that. I want to commend him for being patient and following what is happening. All the managers I have worked with, if I say I want Gari, they will give me chicken,” he said during the interview.

“A manager who comes into your life and tries to control you as an established artiste, that is where I have issues with most people who come into my life. I will say Kudos to him [Sammy Flex]…I like people who want to follow,”  he added.

Meanwhile, Sammy Flex has said that managing Shatta Wale is not as difficult as has been said by his former managers and confidants; Bulldog and Mr. Logic.

According to Sammy Baah Flex, provided one understands the actions of Shatta Wale, he is a very cool and easy person to hang around with or manage.

“Managing Shatta Wale is not that difficult if you understand him. It depends on the individual handling him, you just have to understand him and support his ideas. His private life is not my business and if there is mutual respect, you can work with him for a very long time,” he said.

It would be recalled that Bulldog has on several occasions divulged that managing the dancehall musician is very difficult.

Bulldog made this shocking disclosure whilst speaking to Ato Kwamina D’Gem on the Entertainment Review Show aired on Connect FM.

According to him, he almost quit after working with the decorated dancehall musician after working with him for 6 months because he found it extremely difficult to understand the musician.

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