Sammy Gyamfi receives social media praise for annihilating Kweku Baako on Metro TV over $170 million judgment debt

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It was a combination of knowledge and articulation when Sammy Gyamfi and Kweku Baako Jnr came face to face on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana show earlier today.

The young NDC lawyer has earned some level of social media praise for how he annihilated Kweku Baako Jnr over discussions surrounding the $170 million judgment debt Ghana has been slapped with.

While Kweku Baako was trying to explain why the NDC needs to take part of the blame and why all must appreciate the commendable work the Attorney General has done, Sammy Gyamfi mounted a strong defence and asked the revered broadcaster to reread his notes since what he was saying was not factual.

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Ghana has been slapped with a $170 million judgment debt for abrogating some power purchasing agreements which were signed by the previous government during the doom days of Dumsor.

The abrogation of these contracts has resulted in the judgment debt Ghana now has to pay and Sammy Gyamfi, on the show said the government needs to take all the blame for failing to do due diligence before cancelling these contracts.

Check Out Video Below:

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Paul Appieh wrote: Sammy Gyamfi’s submission on the $170 million judgement debt awarded against the Republic of Ghana by the International Arbitration Court as a result of the criminal negligence and recklessness of the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government on GMG on Metro TV this morning.

Kay Stagger wrote: At least today on Metro showed an old Ace journalist Kweku Baako learned from a young Sammy Gyamfi. If this Judgement debt had happened in the 60s or 70s Kweku Baako would’ve bullied the young man. Thankfully it happened btw 2013 to 2021

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Anna Perry wrote: Hadn’t been this $170m judgement debt,Ghanaians wouldn’t have believed that Godfred Dame only wins case under Partisan Anin Yeboah judiciary who is fighting Dr Ayine politically Sammy Gyamfi and John Jinapor are out with any and every document about the judgement debt


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