Samuel Eto’o attacks YouTuber outside stadium after Brazil & Korea match

A brief drama involving Samuel Eto’o unfolded outside Stadium 974 in Doha shortly after the thrilling match between Brazil and South Korea in the round of 16 matches.

The Cameronian legend and present president of their FA was seen on camera assaulting a guy outside the stadium at the World Cup in Qatar.

Viral footage captures the striker leaving the stadium after watching Brazil easily defeat South Korea in their round of 16 match. A man with a video camera approached him to his right, Eto’o first appears content to pose for pictures with fans as he exits the arena, according to Daily Mail.

The video, which was captured by La Opinion, then appears to show the two speaking before cutting to a few seconds later and Eto’o coming back to the scene to confront the man.

Uncertainty surrounds what was said to incense Eto’o, who is in Qatar serving as the World Cup 2022 Legacy Ambassador.

Nevertheless, he reacts angrily and starts to push the cameraman. At this time, a number of witnesses tried to calm the situation, but Eto’o was determined to pursue the man to confront him.

The video then shows Eto’o giving a man his phone while being restrained by four men. He then emerges from the group and knees the man in the face, sending him to the ground.

The brutal blow appears to come as the man is stooping, oblivious to Eto’o returning to resume the argument.

While Eto’o is again being held back by two men, the unidentified man is helped to his feet and does not appear to have been seriously hurt by the shocking blow.



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