Sarah Frater: Who is James May wife?

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Who is Sarah Frater

Sarah Frater was born in the United Kingdom and is a dance critic and writer who has written for various international web magazines. She is arguably more known to the general public as the longterm spouse of English journalist and television presenter James May, who also co-presents the BBC TV show “Top Gear.”

Sarah Frater Early Life and Career

Apart from her friendship with May, almost little is known about Sarah’s life. Despite spending so much time together, she has been able to avoid the spotlight and concentrate more on her career while quietly supporting her spouse. There are no specifics on her upbringing, formative years, education, or the steps she took to end up as a dance reviewer.

Although it is unknown if she began her profession as a dancer before transitioning to criticism, she has been engaged with the dance industry for the majority of her career. She is one of the top voices in the industry since she is passionate about dancing and has a wide network of experts.

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The London Evening Standard, a free daily tabloid newspaper published every weekday in London, is one of her most well-known blogs, articles, and opinion venues.

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It covers news as well as the nation’s financial industry and is the preeminent local and regional evening paper for London and the surrounding area. In 2009, it switched to being a free publication, ending a 180-year legacy of paid circulation.

Sarah Frater Personal Life

James May and Frater have lived together in Hammersmith, West London, England, since 2000. This is known about Frater’s private life. They have managed to keep their romance out of the public eye despite spending so much time together. Although they have been in a committed relationship for almost 20 years, it is unknown why they have never been married. They don’t have any children together, and a lot of famous people are against marriage because it often fails, despite being a strong relationship in the beginning.

Due to the lack of a significant web presence, there is very little information available on Frater’s previous and present pursuits. She does not have a profile on any of the popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Her spouse can’t say the same because he is quite active online, mostly to advertise his current and prospective projects. He has a great deal of passion for the auto business and often publishes pieces that highlight his daily activities or personal life. In any of his social media platforms, Sarah is absent.

Sarah Frater Husband James May

Sarah Frater: Who is James May wife?
Sarah Frater: Who is James May wife?

James began his media career in the early 1980s, after finishing his schooling at Pendle College, Lancaster University, where he studied music. He has worked for various publications, including “Autocar” and “The Engineer,” albeit he was fired from the former as the result of a practical joke. Later, he began penning articles for more prestigious periodicals including “The Daily Telegraph” and “Top Gear,” which is owned by BBC Worldwide and is named for the television program of the same name. In terms of sales, it is the top general auto magazine. Due to its success, multiple international editions have been produced, and its license is offered in different nations.

Over the course of his career, he has also written books in addition to his regular articles and essays. He wrote a compilation of articles titled “May on Motors” in 2006. In addition, he co-wrote “Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure,” which is based on the same television show. In L. J. K. Setright’s final work, “Long Lane with Turnings,” he authored the afterword.

Sarah Frater Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Sarah Frater is $300,000. Sarah earns a living as a dance critic and through her writing abilities. James, Sarah’s spouse, has a net worth of over $25 million.

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