Sarah Harper Missing: What Happened to Sarah Harper?

Learn about Sarah Harper’s mysterious disappearance, a harrowing tragedy that left a town in shock and detectives searching for answers.

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Who was Sarah Harper?

Sarah Harper was a ten-year-old girl from the humble Morley neighborhood of greater Leeds. Her life was tragically cut short due to the crimes of serial criminal Robert Black.

Sarah was one of four innocent schoolgirls who fell victim to Black’s heinous acts across the United Kingdom, among other things.

Although he was found guilty of four of these heinous acts, officials suspected that his trail of victims may reach a frightening total of 18. This heartbreaking case highlighted Sarah’s unfortunate destiny as well as the gravity of the threat presented by Robert Black’s conduct.

Sarah Harper Missing

Sarah Harper vanished from her home in the Morley suburbs at 7:50 p.m. on March 26, 1986. She’d gone to a small corner store, about 100 yards away, to get a loaf of bread. At 7:55 p.m., she bought the bread and a couple of packs of crisps, according to surveillance.

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Unfortunately, she was last spotted by two other girls entering an alley going towards her Brunswick Place home. Her family became concerned when she did not come home by 8:20 p.m., and her mother and sister undertook a brief search before reporting her missing to West Yorkshire police.

What Happened to Sarah Harper?

Following her disappearance, an intense search was initiated including over 200 police personnel.

This entailed conducting extensive door-to-door inquiries, searching hundreds of houses, distributing countless pamphlets, and gathering witness accounts. Sarah’s body was recovered floating in the River Trent near Wilford, Nottingham, four weeks later.

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Before being dumped in the water, she had experienced substantial bodily trauma, including injuries to her face, forehead, head, and neck.

Sarah had been confined and silenced before drowning, according to a post-mortem examination performed between five and eight hours following her kidnapping.

Sarah Harper Missing Update

During a news appearance on April 3, Sarah’s mother, Jackie, made a direct appeal to the kidnapper, expressing her anxiety that her daughter may not be alive.

The following inquiry not only resulted in the gruesome finding of Sarah’s body but also allowed investigators to establish a link between her murder and Robert Black’s conduct.

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Black’s reign of terror came to an end in 1990, when he was apprehended near Stow in Scotland, with a six-year-old girl discovered in his vehicle.

While he acknowledged kidnapping her and was found guilty, detectives eventually linked him to Sarah’s death as well as two other unresolved cases involving young victims from the 1980s.


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