Shatta Wale told me he wants to be like Sarkodie- Mr Logic

Shatta Wale and Mr Logic have kicked off the year with a burst of controversy, and considering Shatta Wale’s familiarity with this kind of terrain, we can expect more drama in the days to come.

Just days after Shatta Wale unleashed a scathing attack on Mr Logic, exposing his dirty secrets and even revealing how he begs for money from him, Mr Logic has retaliated by exposing Shatta Wale’s jealousy towards Sarkodie.

According to Mr Logic, every time Shatta Wale goes after Sarkodie, it’s because he secretly envies him. Mr Logic claims that Shatta Wale once confessed to him and Deportee that he aspires to be like Sarkodie and even begged for his help in building a similar career.

This revelation was made by Mr Logic in a video that has quickly spread like wildfire across the internet.

“Obidi, you are too big. Anytime this guy picks up a phone and you hear him insulting, you just forget about him. The boy is jealous of you. It’s been a long since Shatta Wale said he wanted to be like Sarkodie. Go and ask Deportee,” he said.

Wale asks Mr Logic, others to be banned

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has recently made a surprising move by releasing a list of radio personalities and TV pundits who he believes should be banned before the year comes to a close.

According to him, for Ghanaian music to thrive, he suggests that individuals such as Ola Michael, Sally Mann, Kwasi Aboagye, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, Mr. Logic, Andy Dosty, Bulldog, and Abeiku Santana should face this ban.

According to Shatta Wale, these people lack creativity and are only causing harm to the progress of Ghanaian music.

He goes as far as labeling them as disappointed celebrities who contribute nothing towards the promotion of local music but rather hinder its growth. Taking to his Facebook account on Thursday, December 28, Shatta Wale posted:

Before Ghana music will stand These people must be Banned from radio and Tv Akwasi Aboagye Andy Dosty Arnold Ola Mr Logic Bull dog Sally Abeiku Santana They are just pained !!!! They have no sense of creativity !!!


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